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RoofSlope provides an auxiliary sloping for Cap-Sheet roof systems in the new construction and rehabilitation market. Commercial Cap-Sheet roof installations are in jeopardy of “voided warranties” due to roofing manufacturers’ warranty exclusion known as “ponding water”. RoofSlope product has the ability to provide a cost effective solution for correcting inadequate drainage without compromising the integrity of the existing Cap-Sheet installation.



RoofSlope is a simple to install, cost-effective solution to correct ponding water areas. Starkweather Roofing uses RoofSlope frequently as an alternative to installing crickets, adding drains, or widening scuppers.

Chris WalkerStarkweather Roofing (Phoenix, Arizona)

RoofSlope is a gem in the roofing industry and is much needed in the roofing industry.

Lani CarlsonOwner of H&H Roofing

Roof Slope created a simple and great fix to a project were crickets were missed and ponding water became an issue for an owner. We were able to make new crickets to the existing roof membrane providing positive water flow to the drains. Then we were able to correct the owner’s ponding water concerns.

Jason SmithPeterson Dean Roofing, Inc.

We bid a reroof project which had large low spots throughout the roof deck to the point a total tapered system was going to have to be used, we met with RoofSlope and we were able to save money and get the project by filling in the low spots and bring the structure back to it’s original slope.

Scott BoltCeloseal Roofing, Inc.

We have used the Roof Slope product numerous times to resolve ponding problems that were not realistic to solve using insulation.

PatrickDRI Companies

Malarkey Roofing Products approves the use of the RoofSlope product as an alternative to help alleviate small ponding water areas on existing installed roofing systems. Structural evaluation should be done to determine whether or not the added weight can be allowed for the structure.

John R. KoubaMalarkey Roofing Products


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