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Non-Sanded Finish Membrane Roofs

Before installing the product, ensure that the assembly will support the weight load of the sloping material; the product weights approximately 2.5  pounds per square foot when applied at ¼” thick. The low sloped areas will need to be identified and a screed board will need to be set so as to determine the amount of sloping material needed to achieve a positive pitch towards drains or scuppers. Thoroughly inspect the areas to be coated to ensure that the contiguous areas will not limit your sloping ability. The existing roofing application must be thoroughly cleaned and free from contaminants.


Roofing membranes that are non-granulated, such as a smooth non-sanded membrane requires a thin layer of emulsion product to be used as a primer for the RoofSlope product.


Apply an emulsion product that will adhere to the existing membrane as a primer thick enough to accept a full broadcast of 16 grit silica sand or granules.  IMMEDIATELY broadcast silica sand or granules into the wet emulsion product until refusal.


Allow the emulsion product to properly cure prior to the installation of the RoofSlope material.

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