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Do I need to use a primer?

A primer is NOT necessary over mineral surfaced membranes and acrylic/ elastomeric coated roofs. When installing RoofSlope® over single ply membranes, Asphaltic Non- Granulated or Non-Sanded membranes, and Aluminum Coated Roofs, an additional step is required. For these installations, it is NECESSARY to install either a single ply adhesive or an asphalt emulsion product directly over the membrane and seed until refusal with 16 grit silica sand or granules immediately. After proper cure, install the RoofSlope® product to the granulated surface.

I am concerned about the weight, is there anything I can do?

In general weight has not been an issue, but please use common sense when applying the RoofSlope® product. Please see the weight chart. To reduce weight EPS can be used as a filler. For example, if you have an area which is 2″ in depth, you could use 1″ of EPS board and apply 1″ of RoofSlope® over the top. For best results, we recommend cutting EPS at a 45 degree angle. You would typically want to cover the same amount of material on top of the EPS board as the board is thick.

Why is it mandatory to do broadcast 16 grit sand or granules into the product?

It is an integral part of ensuring the product will cure properly and minimize shrinkage cracking in the process. This is MANDATORY and should be broadcasted immediately into the wet RoofSlope® product prior to it setting up. The granules or sand should be spread until refusal.

How long does the RoofSlope® product take to cure?

Cure times will vary based on temperature and product thickness. For installations that are ¾’’ or less applied in warm weather should be fully cured within 24 hours RoofSlope®. If a non-breathable product is being installed over RoofSlope® ensure that a moisture meter is used in order to conform to manufactures requirements.

How thick can I build the RoofSlope® product in one application & how thin can it be tapped to?

Product has been successfully installed at 6’’ thick and tapered RoofSlope® to zero in one installation.

What other applications and substrates can the product be used for?

The RoofSlope® product has a wide range of uses: Pitch pan filler, HVAC crickets, decks, plywood, concrete repair, blistering/damaged foam roofs, sidewalks, beneath waterproof membranes and many more.

Is RoofSlope® waterproof?

RoofSlope® is water resistant, not waterproof. Roof repair should be performed before the RoofSlope® product is installed.

Does the RoofSlope® product need to be roofed or coated over?

No, but you certainly can.

How do I estimate the number of bags I need for a job?

Determine the average depth of the ponded area and the square footage. One bag of RoofSlope® goes approximately 30 sq ft @ ¼’’ thick, order accordingly. You will need 1 bag of 16 grit sand or granules per every 3-4 bags/ pails of RoofSlope®.

*Refer to RoofSlope® data sheet and application instructions for more details.


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