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EPS Board Filler Lightens The Load Of Rooftop Repair

EPS Board Filler Lightens The Load Of Rooftop Repair

A roof is not designed simply as a means of shelter, it is also part of a structural support system. That means it is designed to bear a load. However, if you begin to install elements onto a roof outside its original design, you could soon exceed the load capacity of a roof. That is why it is important to calculate the weight of materials required for any roof repair job and determine if your flat roof can bear the added weight. If you need to lighten the load of a roof repair job, an EPS board filler may be the solution.

The Abused Commercial Roof

It is common for commercial roofs, especially flat ones, to be overused and misused. Frequent foot traffic, installation of rooftop equipment like HVAC units, and even use of a flat roof as storage space can all contribute to creating load stress. If a roof is bearing too great a load it can fail. Failure does not necessarily mean your roof will come crashing down around your ears. Roof overload might result in:

  • Sagging that is visible in eaves, ceilings, or window casements.
  • Ripples that are visible on the surface of the roof that leads to ponding of water.
  • Masonry cracks in exterior brick.
  • Interior cracks in walls and ceilings.
  • Leaks which are always a sign that something is wrong with the roof.
  • Shifting of sprinkler heads that alert you to a roof that is out of alignment.
  • Doors and windows that stick and are difficult to open and close.
  • Structural sounds like popping and creaking become frequent.

Don’t get caught unaware with a roof that is overloaded and at risk of collapse or creates other problems that require costly repair. As soon as any warning sign appears, give your roof immediate attention. When it comes to necessary repairs of a flat roof’s water-resistant rubberized membrane, there are tricks of the trade that can reduce the weight of repair materials necessary to patch the puddle. For example, EPS board can help create a lighter weight patch.

What Is EPS?

Expanded polystryrene (EPS) foam is more commonly known as the trademark term ‘Styrofoam‘. It doesn’t just make for great packing peanut material, it is also effective in flat roof ponding repair in low areas. Often, when a flat roof has a large area that is ponding, it might require many layers of a product such as RoofSlope to level out the low spot. As a rubberized membrane, each layer carries with it a bit of weight. One square foot of each 1/4″ layer weighs about 2.5 pounds. It is easy to see how even a small puddle can create a heavy load in a concentrated area.

How Effective Is EPS?

EPS products have been used in roofing construction and repair for more than 30 years. Different product designs meet a variety of application needs from insulation to drainage. Engineering creates a technology that performs in high temperature climates, helping to reduce energy costs within the structure. Workmen appreciate the versatility of EPS which often saves them time on the job.

EPS is considered one of the most cost-effective filler products available today. In addition to use in the roofing industry, it is widely used as a geo-filler in bridge and road projects. Landscapers use the technology in construction of retaining walls. Foundation repair often involves injection of the material to repair compromised foundations and slabs. Its insular and acoustic properties make it the material of choice in theatres. Having a waterproof characteristic, EPS is also commonly used in pool deck projects.

Fill The Void With EPS

As a lightweight void fill material, EPS is the perfect choice to use in a rooftop repair where weight is an issue. To help you determine how much material you need to eliminate your rooftop ponding problem, please contact us. Our RoofSlope product experts can help you determine if a lighter EPS void fill can help you fix your roof without compromising its structural integrity.


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